Otis (1) Otis (4)



Otis was born on March 24,2112, the second pup of 2 homeless Shar Pei. He died Dec.16,2013 from complications of Familial Shar Pei Fever.

One of 5 puppies,Otis was the curious and precocious one. The first to open his eyes, the first to escape the whelping box and always the first to greet strangers. He was the puppy that wanted to be like his Dad. Otis would follow his father around the yard and try to emulate his every move. At he age of 3 months Otis was adopted. His family provided him with a loving home for 17 months, took him to obedience classes in which he excelled. Otis had a wonderful life. the son of strays he was blessed with a family that loved him.

Rest in Peace, sweet boy



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