Wilbur | Happei Endings

Wilbur | Happei Endings

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Wilbur’s journey with us began with a picture. It was him on the shelter floor after being hit by a car. We saw the fear and pain in his eyes and had to do something. We thought we were only helping, little did we realize we were at the beginning of his happei ending. After keeping tabs on him and staying connected we began discussing the addition of another dog to our home. We have discussed it before but it didn’t always seem to work out. Timing wasn’t right or what ever. This time after some deep thought we decided that this guy needed someone to show him some love, and who better than us we said. So we met with his foster Mom Holly and him and instantly fell in love. He still showed some signs from his accident, still on his journey of recovery but Holly did a wonderful job helping him get back on his feet.

We have had him now for about a month and what a difference that has made as well. He has gained more weight, has gotten a lot of his strength back and is moving forward each day. Our big concern was if our Shar Pei Stella would accept him. Our fears of that were gone by day 2. They have been great together. Playing like crazy, swinging Shar Pei butts all over the house. The only issue is we have to get them to settle down after a certain point.


Over the last couple weeks Wilbur has really bonded with me. He took well to my wife right away but had some trust issues with me. Obviously a male had hit him in the past, and often. If I made a sudden move or had anything in my hand he was very nervous. However, in the past 2 weeks I think he has really begun to accept me and realize he is in a much better place. This morning we even had some “puppy time” where we ruff housed a little. The first time he has let me actually get on the floor and play with him. He has come a long way in such a short time.


As for Stella, I think she has found her forever friend. She rules the roost so to speak, but Wilbur is ok with that. But even she has grown in the past few weeks. A happei ending indeed. I wish to thank Shar Pei savers and everyone else who had a hand in Wilbur’s future. If they hadn’t pulled him from the shelter, if so many hadn’t donated

to help for his treatment I have no doubts I wouldn’t be writing this letter right now. I would also like to thank Holly for being the first person to show him the same kind of unconditional love he shows. We will continue to post on Wilbur’s progress and post pictures and such for anyone who wishes to see him. He can be followed here

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