Sylvie (Sonic) |Happei Endings

Sylvie(Sonic) | Happei Endings

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Happei Endings from the Mommaert’s Family ~

Nick and I are married with two amazing boys. Jamison is 7, so active we almost can’t keep up, and Jackson is 2 and learning something new every day. We always knew a dog would be in our future, but didn’t know exactly when. Once we saw pictures and heard Sylvie’s story (Sonic was her name at the time) I instantly knew she was the one for us.

Deborah R. was the foster mom of Sylvie and was so accommodating to our needs. She drove from Wisconsin Rapids to Green Bay (2+ hours, 1 way) twice to make sure that we all were a good match. I am so grateful for Debbie and how cared for Sylvie. When we officially adopted Sylvie, Debbie left a dog care bag, blankets, toys, food, treats, shampoo, a doggie Christmas stocking! She also was available 24/7 for any questions that came up, as there were many at first, being new dog owners.

Sylvie, at first was afraid and missing her foster family. She was in a new home, new people, new everything.  We adopted Sylvie January 25, so it was cold (like, -20) and she was stuck in the house with us.  She wouldn’t eat or drink, accept for snow. I was calling Debbie hourly for suggestions on how to handle this. Finally, 3 sets of dog dishes later and some adjustment time, she began to eat out of her dish. She also initially would bark at people entering our home (this made me nervous), since then I have learned her noises, barks, etc…Sylvie is either just saying, “Hello.” or “Hey, I’m here…better not mess with my new family.”  Then she smells them and sits on their laps!  She is protective of us, but in such a good way.

She loves our kids so much! She sleeps with Jamison every night and runs laps with Jackson in the backyard. My boys have thrown balls at her head, ran past her with a hotdog in hand, and she just sits there. She is seriously the perfect dog. She snuggles with us on the couch every night; she doesn’t chew a thing (unless it’s a bone or a treat). She likes going for walks with us to the park, and is becoming way more comfortable around strangers.

We all can’t imagine life without her, she is truly the sweetest.

So grateful to Debbie, & the Sharpei Savers Foundation and everyone that brought Sylvie into our lives!

We are truly blessed.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you~


Nick, Vanessa, Jamison, Jackson, & Sylvie

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