Siri | Happei Endings


Siri | Happei Endings

Siri with Atlys (her “seeing eye” dog)

 She is doing AMAZING! She literally smiles all day long! Even when she’s naughty and I yell at her she

wags her little tail and20130607_162413 smiles up at me which always makes me laugh so she rarely gets yelled at.

She loves walks and the dog park. She loves other dogs.

She’s my princess angel and I just smile everytime I look at her! She’s so outgoing and

adventurous! No one believes she has no eyes-she runs around the dog park like she

owns it. She just blows people’s minds when they see shSirie has no eyes.

We play a game called “Find Your Eyeballs” in the morning when we wake up-Atlys and Siri run around and find

every toy they have. We have so much fun!! Siri made us a complete family and she is the BEST thing that has

ever come along.

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