Penelopei-Happei Ending

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Here’s my Pei Pei story…she’s a little princess.


On May 09, 2014, my heart was broken & soul shredded as my beloved baby, Duff (aka Dookie) crossed the rainbow bridge.  Being my everything, I was completely devastated.  When I got Duff in 12/1998 (yes he would have been 16!) there wasn’t wonderful social media to expose us all to the wonderful organizations such as Shar Pei Savers & the other  countess wonderful organizations that help this wonderful breed.  The other love in my life, the human Mark, was just as devastated.  We had decided that we would help another dog in need; however we knew that it would be awhile.


Then it happened!  Scrolling through my face book timeline I saw  this picture with a caption “Pei Down!” and in this picture was this gorgeous girl, who “shook her grass skirt at two events” & no one was interested in adopting her.  I’m staring at this girl, in a grass skirt & lei no less, thinking “how could NO ONE want her”?  Exasperated, I asked on the thread where is she located.  When I was told Wisconsin, I was really crestfallen.  I am in PA, how could I ever get her.  I was advised to still fill out an application so I did.  After the processing of the application, I was put in touch with Penelopei’s foster mom, Gail, who is priceless.  Her husband Steve was able to bring Penelopei to ME!  I was beyond ecstatic.


The day came when Pei Pei was on her way to her new family.  I got to watch, as did all of my face book friends & family, her journey to me from WI.  When I was finally able to see her, I could not believe it.  Penelopei was meant to be mine.  We  bonded straight away & I  cannot explain how this girl has made me so happy.  She has brought me so much love & so much happiness.  She is an absolute baby who loves to be spoiled.  She loves her car rides, walks & woods adventures that we take her on.  It is so funny to see her prancing around like a little ballerina.  She completely rules mine, Mark & Spider’s (our cat) lives.  The whole world revolves around our Pei Pei.  I cannot help but tear up when I think about her being on the streets.  I just hold her closer & love her that much more.  I cannot believe how incredibly blessed we are to have her in our lives.  Thank you Shar Pei Savers, Gail & Steve Pipke and everyone else involved who made it possible for this wonderful girl to be with me.


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