Jax – Happei Ending


Sometimes things work out just the way they were meant to. Even though I had recently lost my heart dog Maddux, and wasn’t ready to open my heart to another dog, along came Jax. I was only going to foster him, until he healed from eye surgery and put some.weight on him, Jax had other ideas. He wormed his way into my heart the very first night. I brought him into my bedroom hoping I would get some sleep after driving 8 hours to pick him up. Even though he was completely blind at that time, he got on the bed and did several fast spins before laying down and letting out a huge sigh. It was like he already knew he was Home! Happy 3 year Gotcha Day Anniversary Jax!! I am so lucky to have you. You’ve become a huge part of my life and I can’t imagine it without you in it. Tracey

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