Izzy – Adoption Pending

Meet Izzy. This little lady is about one year old and is absolutely loving life now that she has people to share it with! She likes to wake her humans up in the morning by licking their faces (and ears!) and then zooming around the bedroom. She has lots of energy in the morning and likes to play with her three foster brothers or re-arrange items in the house. She likes carrying clothing, towels, dog beds, and blankets around the house- she does not damage the items- only carries them around. Izzy loves dog toys and will take every single toy out of the toy box so that she has her pick for the moment. She loves to run around the yard with her foster brothers, and will need a fenced in yard. She is very fast! As the day goes on, her energy lessens and she enjoys laying around, spending time outside, or playing with toys- she is able to enertain herself for hours with a few toys. She is full of love and wags her tail whenever her foster partents talk to her. She lived most of her early life on her own; and is learning to walk on leash, basic commands, and to let her guard down around men. She gets more comfortable everyday and loves it when visitors stop by. She will need an owner who is firm and patient, as she is full of energy and still learning.

Izzy came into Shar-Pei Savers with a double ear infection. Once the infection cleared, the vet was able to see how extremely narrow her ear canals are, which will continue to cause problems for her in the future. She is a fun and affectionate girl that will be a great companion for her human!

Fostered in Wisconsin Adoption fee $250.00
Guardian Angel: Karen Therriault

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