Gloria – Available

Meet Gloria! She is a 2 year old Shar-Pei/hound mix. Gloria is just the sweetest girl no matter how much discomfort she is in. She is a medium energy girl. There are times where she likes to zoom around and get crazy but that is short lived. She then likes to relax on the floor with one of her many favorite toys or she will relax on your lap. Her favorite place to sleep is right next to her person with her head on your pillow. Gloria is in foster care with two older female dogs. She does ok with more laid back dogs. She is also in foster care with several cats. She will chase them once in awhile for fun but when the cats have had enough and slap her in the face she just backs away. She is great with all people as she loves everyone. Gloria is still working on not jumping when she meets new people. She has mastered the skill of not jumping on her foster family but new people are still too tempting. Gloria loves going for walks and has excellent leash manners.

Gloria came into Shar-Pei savers with two bacterial infections that left her feet very painful and swollen. It appears that she also has some allergies. The infections have been treated and she is doing sooo much better. She is on a high quality minimal ingredient food for her allergies and also takes a daily allergy medication. She gets regular baths with her special shampoo and although she does not love them she cooperates. Gloria’s allergies will be an ongoing issue, her adopter will need to commit to continuing to treat. This sweet loving girl will make it worth all of the effort as she will pay you back in love.

1 year old Pei mix Being fostered in WI. Adoption fee $250.00

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