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Get Involved with Shar Pei Savers by volunteering, adopting, donating time or funds. We are a friendly network or fosters and care givers who are dedicated to the rescue, care, and fostering of Shar Pei of all ages and backgrounds.

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Get Involved with Shar Pei Savers

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You can find an application to adopt here or if you are looking to volunteer, please click here

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16th Aug 2017

Coco – Available Soon

Hello Shar Pei lovers! My name is Coco and I’m an energetic 5 year old female Shar Pei. I have been living with my foster family since the end of...

14th Aug 2017

Princess Ramen – New Arrival

Female, being fostered in Wisconsin More information coming

08th Aug 2017

Mr. Magoo – Available Soon

4 year old male. Foster home in Wisconsin Needs entropian which is scheduled for Aug. 30. He is OK with cats, could really care less about children. Mr Magoo would...

28th Jul 2017

Baby Blue – Available Soon

Female 1.6 years old

27th Jul 2017

Coda – Available

Coda is very sweet dog, energetic, good with other dogs, neutered, loving, loves to play and be petted, very curious, listens well to commands and smart Gets along with cats,...

25th Jul 2017

D-Bo – Available

       I’m D-Bo a 6-year-old male Shar Pei about 38 pounds. I love to play all day with my Shar Pei sister. I know all of my basic dog commands...

21st Jul 2017

Kobe-New Arrival

      5 year old male, neutered, good with kids, loves outdoors, and potty trained.

28th Jun 2017

Dora – Available

   I’m Dora, I’m 9 months old and a shar pei/daschund mix so I’m on the small side.  I weigh 27 lbs and probably won’t get much bigger than that. ...