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Owner Surrender

Owner Surrender:
So you want us to take your shar pei…

Sharpei Savers, Inc., is a non-profit rescue, consisting of volunteers who give of their own time and finances to rescue, rehabilitate and place dogs in loving, secure forever homes. All dogs must be fostered before adoptions can be completed.

As a rescue, we take dogs that are on death row in shelters/pounds. These dogs have no hope left. These are the forgotten and abused.

We cannot take dogs from owners for convience purposes. Your dog is your reponsibility. He or she thinks he will be with your forever. They do not understand divorce, moving, allergies, a new baby in the family, or you just getting tired of your responsibilities to them. They trusted that you would have given thought to all these things before taking on the ownership of an animal.

We only have a small number of foster homes. They must be reserved for those dogs who will be put to death through no fault of their own. Imagine yourself in our place: we all have families, jobs, our own dogs, and other lives outside our involvement in rescue. We rescue for the love of the breed and for the love of animals in general, not to take on your responsibility. If this sounds harsh, give some thought to the calls we receive on a daily basis that we are unable to respond to because we are already over the number of dogs we can house in our foster homes. It’s heartbreaking not being able to save them all.

There are occassions we will take owner surrenders for dire need cases. We do ask that the animal be spayed/neutered and up to date on all shots. We also ask for a surrender fee of $250 to help with the expense of a full vet exam, dentals, heartworm check, heartworm preventative and any other health related problems we might encounter. This is on a case by case basis and must be approved by our Board of Directors. Again, it is for dire need cases only.

We’re here to help those who must rehome their dogs for various reasons and want to do so responsibly. We will place the dog’s photo and description on our website and our Petfinder site. The dog must be spayed/neutered and up to date on shots. We will post your name and phone/email for contact purposes. This has been a very successful tool for those who have used it in the past.

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28th Jun 2017

Dora – Available

   I’m Dora, I’m 9 months old and a shar pei/daschund mix so I’m on the small side.  I weigh 27 lbs and probably won’t get much bigger than that. ...

10th Jun 2017

Rio – New Arrival

Female  Needs entropian before being available for adoption

10th Jun 2017

Weezer-New Arrival

8-10 months old, male   Needs entropian before available for adoption

30th May 2017

Ozzie – New Arrival

Male   Being fostered in Wisconsin

30th May 2017

Sienna – Adopted


03rd May 2017

Mariposa – Available

  I’m Mariposa, and I am 9 months old.  I’m looking for my forever home now that I can see!!!  I had my cherry eye surgery and entropian with a...

23rd Apr 2017

Kattie – Available

  Female, 7 years old  Being fostered in Ohio

02nd Feb 2017


SharPei mix      male     fostered in Illinois